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Duane Law, L.Ac., (310) 498-2777Call or email us to get in touch to make an appointment for a visit.

Some issues can be handled by email or over the phone. Other situations are best handled live and in person.

I don't maintain an office. Have you noticed how busy, depressed and harried your medical providers seem lately? That's because insurance companies have slashed their reimbursements over the last few years. Maintaining all that overhead ... while being paid half of what they used to be paid ... is financially unsustainable, at least if one wants to provide quality care and enjoy one's work. I prefer to come to you if you're in the greater Los Angeles area.

My standard housecall rates vary from $80 to $140 depending on where you're located, when you're available, and how much time I spend. I accept a limited number of sliding-scale patients when circumstances make that necessary; I feel strongly that everyone should have access to the care they need.

By Telephone: (310) 498-2777
By Email: duanelaw889@naturalstresscare.org